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Choose Your Box

Choose Your Box

Join the journey to live Outside The Box and choose your box. Choose from a from a variety of boxes all complete with an empowering theme, crafts, activities, books, and small business products that make an impact. Choose a box for your family or give a gift box. If you have more than 1 kiddo just add a sibling box.

Play + Create

Play + Create

Open your Outside The Box and enjoy! Each box will come with a week-by-week guide for the month. Plus fun wearables and games, crafts and activities, reading time to spark conversations! You’ll have fun, create memories with your littles, and inspire their imagination, creativity, and empower them to learn through play.

Make An Impact - Take The Challenge

Make An Impact - Take The Challenge

In every box you’ll receive a family challenge card that will inspire you and your little one to live Outside The Box. It’s all about those small, but impactful daily actions we can take to show kindness, think of others, build resilience, gain awareness, foster empathy, focus on gratitude and the joy of giving. Teaching kids that every action makes an impact!

Everything You Want... In A Box

Looking for a way to talk to your kids about diversity and gratitude, but don't know where to start?
Ever think, "my kid sure doesn’t need any more toys"?
Want to raise kind kids who think of others?
Love Pinterest, but don’t even know where to buy a glue gun?
Barely have time for that trip to the grocery store?
Tired of tripping over plastic toys and throwing away knick knacks?

OUTSIDE THE BOX is an alternative to the typical toy or gift or craft DIY. Each curated box comes with EVERYTHING you need to complete crafts and activities that inspire creativity (but don’t clutter your house), encourage quality time together, and meaningful conversations about the values that really matter and make us successful, But it’s not just a cute, craft box, it’s so much more! It inspires children to give back to their community through small, but impactful acts. AND through the joy of play teaches kids about kindness, sharing, gratitude, diversity and why they are unique and can make a difference!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” –Dr. Seuss

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Everything You Want... In A Box
In the Box

In the Box

Every box includes small business products, children's picture books, imaginative crafts and activities, community impact, and a way to give back!

We promise no knick-knacks, no clutter. At the end of the month you’re left with a book, fun surprise, a wearable and opportunities to connect, create and join the community to live OUTSIDE THE BOX. Because we may be a curated craft box, but we’re so much more! We’re a MISSION to bring kindness, compassion, empathy, love, gratitude, grit and resilience to our daily lives, to make them a way of life. Because we believe life isn’t about the stuff, it’s about what we do and how we do it.

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What Moms Are Saying...

"My boys were so excited to get their Outside the Box! We sat down as a family to make bookmarks and necklaces. We talked about giving the necklace to one of our neighbors as a random act of kindness. Outside the Box is the Pinterest board I'll never make and the craft supplies I'll never buy. And it shows up on my doorstep!"

– Amy

"I'm a working mom, it's not easy to come up with creative ideas that inspire all the time. This box is a game changer. Quality time with my child and a chance to get out in the community and do great things, perfect combination!"

– Laura

Jill, Big Kid Small City
"My goal is to raise kind adults and my biggest fear is that I am not. Outside the Box is a fun and automatic way to be sure we are scheduling in activities that encourage kindness and service to the community."

– Jill, Big Kid Small City

"Dear @cheekydays I love how easy you make teaching #loveherface to help kids in need, enjoy contributing to the world and express herself... I was SO wrong to pause our subscription after the next box... consider us permanently back in... each box better than the last!!! She cut her Birthday sign and wrote letters #allbyherself"

– Ursula

"I've often wondered how to make giving back and being thankful part of our family life, especially with our 4yr old son, so I was particularly excited to try the community activities in Outside The Box. My son and I got together to decorate and fill a 'care bag' to give to a homeless person, which was a really fun activity to share. When we were done he asked me who we could give the bag to, who were our homeless friends. I had to answer that we didn't have any friends without homes, which led into a very real conversation about how some people have more than other people and why that was. It was an amazing learning moment for both of us! "

– Kate

Jessica, My Subscription Addiction
"Verdict: I think Outside the Box is on to something really important here. This is the first box that I know of intended to teach children about community service and activism. The value in the box monetarily is over $79, but I feel the value of this box can’t be weighed by price alone. I feel the real value of this box is priceless in that it gave my family the chance to talk about homelessness, the importance of giving back to others, and tangible ways to actually do so. I’m so proud to be able to take part in their mission of supporting different charities and nonprofits and also having my children join me on this mission to help make the world a better place through caring actions"

– Jessica, My Subscription Addiction

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